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Have you been struggling with self-motivation to lose weight? Rest assured, you are not the only one with this conflict. By following my 4 Self-Motivating Steps To Victory, your goals will be clear, and you will be prepared and motivated to book a weight loss consultation with me. With motivation and determination, you can achieve any weight loss goal. But how do you know if you're genuinely motivated to accomplish that weight loss goal? If you are genuinely motivated to lose weight, consider the following 4 self-motivating steps to victory. 

Self-Motivating Step To Victory #1: Identify Your X-Factor

Motivation begins with identifying your X-Factor. What is an X-Factor? The X-Factor is the main reason you are seeking help in losing body fat. Usually, there is a trauma or discourse with yourself that you recently experienced. Did you look in the mirror and not like what you see? Is a family member suffering from a health condition as a result of poor health habits? Have you recently visited the doctor and learned some concerning news about your health? Have you recently gone through a separation with your spouse and now lack self-confidence? Do you want to set an example of a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones? Once you reveal your number one motivator or X-Factor, you'll uncover your "what" and "why." Don't say something vague like: "I just want to tone" or "I want a smaller waist." Look deeper into the midst of your soul and reveal the X-Factor because when you start your journey, you'll need to be reminded of your "why". The X-Factors that my clients have revealed in the past are very transparent. Three examples are:


X-Factor Example #1: "My father and aunt died of a heart attack, and I don't want the same thing to happen to me. I need to be here for my kids." 


X-Factor Example #2: "I have a reunion and a vacation coming up, and I want to re-establish my confidence when I put on a dress and bathing suit."


X-Factor Example #3: "I feel like the spark in my marriage has dissipated, and I want to reignite that spark to impress and attract my husband." 

Self-Motivating Step To Victory #2: Identify Your Objectives

Once you have identified your X-Factor, the next step is to develop specific objectives on achieving your mission. Inscribing your targets produces a mental declaration to yourself. Create accurate, measurable, and attainable results for your initiative. Formulate an agenda with definite deadlines for each objective; for example, 


Objective Example #1: I will lose one pound of body fat each week for the next fifteen weeks. I will begin this program today, August 16, 2020, and complete my objective by November 22, 2020.  


Objective Example #2: I will increase my lean mass by five pounds every thirty days beginning today, August 16, 2020, until I have gained twelve pounds of muscle, and complete this objective by December 16, 2020. 


Objective Example #3: I will shrink my waist by one inch every month until I have decreased my waist size by a total of 5 inches. I will begin on August 16, 2020, and complete this objective by December 16, 2020. 


Visualize yourself achieving your objectives and how that would make you feel. Envision yourself confidently executing each target. Make no room in your mind for the "what if" or any cynical thoughts. As Henry Ford declared, "Whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right." 

Self-Motivating Step To Victory #3: Formulate Your Plan Of Action

The next step is to identify your plan of action with a strategy on how your initiative will reach its objectives. Begin with creating designated times in your schedule dedicated to exercising and preparing healthy meals. Use the calendar on your phone to block out times for the following examples:


Plan of Action Example #1: Exercise 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM, Monday - Sunday. 


Plan Of Action Example #2: Grocery shopping 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM every Sunday. 


Plan Of Action Example #3: Cook all healthy meals for the week 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM every Sunday. 


Self-Motivating Step To Victory #4: Create Your Support Channel


The most effective way to acquire the "how" to strengthen your action plan is to enlist my support as your personal trainer. The fitness industry has cultivated confusion and has made weight loss unintelligible. The truth is that 99% of all the weight loss pills, fad diets, and infomercial gadgets do not work. However, there is something that does, and I'd like you to learn more about it risk-free. 


I could praise the benefits of my proven weight loss program all day, but nothing I say will be as convincing as experiencing a personal training session for yourself. For a limited time, I am offering a weight loss consultation and a one-on-one training session for free no obligation to you. Together we will identify your X-Factor, objectives and formulate your plan of action. Together, we will declare victory on your vision and deliver the permanent results that you deserve. As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale composed in his book, The Power Of Positive Thinking, "What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve." I look forward to meeting you.











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