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Some people (maybe even YOU!) are under the false impression that I do all sorts of advertising and marketing to grow my business, but the truth is that the #1 way that I grow my business is by word of mouth marketing and referrals from awesome people just like you!

I do this for a few reasons, here they are:

*Reason #1: There is a certain type of client that I enjoy working and you're that kind of client.

With that in mind, there is probably a good chance that you're a lot like your friends, co-workers, and family members so it only makes sense that I would have a blast helping them get into shape too. Chances are they will bring the same positive energy and attitude that you do every time that we train together!

*Reason #2: When I grow my business by positive word of mouth and referrals from people like you I don't have to waste my time or my money on advertising!

This keeps prices affordable for you and allows me to spend my time on important things like training you and getting you in the best shape of your life instead of chasing clients who may or may not be right for my business.


Here's How You Can Help! :-)

Take a moment right now to think of 1-2 of your friends, family, members, or co-workers who would love to get back into shape and enter their information in the box below. 

When you do that, I will contact them on your behalf and hook them up with one free personal training or group session with me so that you can look like a "superstar" and I can get them one step closer to their goals!

But Wait, It Gets Even Cooler...

When you refer me to your friends, family members, and co-workers the fun doesn't stop there!

When they attend their one free training session, I will bring out all my best energy, and enthusiasm to kick their butts into shape so that they are inspired to continue working out and become new clients of mine.

...And when they become clients, you're getting hooked up too because I will give you $10 for each one of your referrals who become a paying member!

It's my special way of saying thank you, and motivating you to continue focusing on achieving your fitness goals by working together with me!

On that note, I am looking forward to seeing YOU (And 1-2 more of your friends!) at your next workout!












Your Trainer, 

- Juan Bazan,

Owner, Personal Trainer San Antonio Texas

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