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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in San Antonio Texas, my gym is closed to comply with the mayors advisory to reduce the spread of this virus. Since my gym is closed, I will be conducting home visits for personal training. Your training can take place at a nearby park, street, garage, yard or inside your home. We will be diligent and resourceful and adapt to your surroundings and utilize any slope, hill, level or equipment that you have. Equipment is not required for weight loss, body fat loss, or muscle gain. Exercise, healthy food choices and consistency will get you permanent results and I will take the guess work out of the equation so that you are successful.  To start training with me, select one of the following packages under the plans and pricing tab. You will need to create a log in by using your email, Google or Facebook account. Once you have paid for a plan, you may use the credits you purchased to schedule a personal training session. Once your session is scheduled I will call you to confirm your training time and the location that we will be meeting and brief you on what to expect on your first personal training session. 

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