This may be the most incredible thing I've stumbled upon to help my clients burn more fat and get into shape faster. 

Let me explain... 

I've been testing out a new training program for my clients that not only burns more calories while they're working out with me - but it keeps burning extra calories even after their workout. 

Sounds crazy, right? 

The post-workout calorie burn is called "afterburn," and it only occurs when a few critical factors are accomplished during the workout. 

I won't bore you with the details of the science behind "afterburn," but what I can tell you is that if these few critical things are done during your workout, you can expect to have an elevated metabolism up to 18 hours AFTER your workout. 

Pretty sweet! 

Now, just the "afterburn" factor is impressive in itself because it's almost like getting twice the results from each workout. 

B-U-T I figured out a way to get my clients FASTER results... and it has NOTHING to do with science. 

Say what?! 

Yep, this other way of burning more fat and getting faster muscle toning results has nothing to do with exercise science at all. 

It's all about human psychology... 

I figured out that when I challenge my clients with a goal to lose 15 pounds with a group of people, typically with their friends, family, or coworkers, they tend to work out harder. Human nature is to compete, I guess. 

I decided that if I can put together a body transformation challenge where I can train my clients three times a week, for six weeks, and give the person with the best transformation a prize like $100 at the end of the six weeks of training, then you'd see excellent results! 

Makes sense, right? 

My unique "afterburn" producing workouts + a body transformation challenge = massive fat loss, body toning, belly-flattening, and sexy arms, legs, and butt. 


Here's what I expect AVERAGE results to be on this Lose 15 Pounds transformation challenge. 


Men can expect to drop 8 – 12 pounds of fat, Check out Joseph's before and after photos. 


and Women can expect to drop 7-10 pounds of fat. Check Out Kimberly's Before and After Photo


Amazing right!


Yes, all this in six weeks. 

Here's the deal: I launched the Lose 15 Pounds Challenge enrollment a couple of days ago for $367 (plus a monthly $55 (gym fee). And I have already signed four people out of the 20 slots I have for this challenge. So now, I have 16 slots left so that I can give every participant lots of attention. 

And at the end of the Lose 15 Pounds challenge, everyone will win since there will be a LOT of inches and pounds lost.  

The promotion for the six-week transformation challenge starts on May 15, 2022. Anyone can join at any time before May 15, 2022. The results will be tallied after the last participant finishes their six weeks of training. The promotion for this program will end on June 1, 2022. Training will be held by appointment Monday - Sunday


So if you are interested in dropping 5-8 inches off your waist in the next six weeks (plus a pile of weight), click the sign-up button below to get started, and I will put you on the "action taker" list and reserve your spot. Once you pay for your first week, you will have credits to schedule your first session.

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Your Trainer,   


Juan Bazan

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