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Plan28 - Day Challenge
Duration1 month
Sales Tax (8.25 %)$22.03

Personal Training Package Details: This unique training package gives a total of 12 personal training sessions. The trainer schedule is posted in the member portal. It will be your responsibility to book your sessions using your member portal. Sessions require reserving 24 hours in advance. Time slots are not guaranteed and are based on availability. Paid Sessions Policy: Performance of the agreed-upon services will be available within 30 days after the date this agreement is entered but is not guaranteed a scheduled time and will be based on availability. You must use your session credits or forfeit those session credits after 30 days. Refunds on paid session credits are not permitted. All sales are final. Cancellation Policy: By purchasing this package, you have agreed to a one-time payment o $367. All Sales are final. Session Cancellation Policy: A 24-hour notice is required or forfeit your session.

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