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The Most Effective Way To Become A Fit Person

If you ask five of your friends, what is the most effective way to get fit? You will presumably get different opinions from all five of them. One friend will advise you to attend a step class. Another friend will attest jogging is what will get you fit. Another will tell you that Zumba worked for them. Another will reply that biking helped them firm their legs. Another will say that circuit training helped them lose weight. While all of these opinions may be good advice for achieving excellent cardiovascular conditioning and lowering their body weight, it is detrimental to succeeding in becoming a "fit person." The truth is that there's only one effective way to get fit. Before I explain further, we must agree on the meaning of a "fit person." All too often, thin is confused with the definition of fit, and that is not what your long term goal should be.

What Is The Definition Of A "Fit Person"?

The absolute definition of a "fit person" is a person that possesses an excellent physique due to a suitable standard of regular exercise quality. When someone is thin, they will have very little muscle tissue, and they are not indeed fit since that is not considered healthy or someone that maintains a suitable standard of regular exercise quality.

Isn't A Thin Person The Same As A "Fit Person"?

Thin differs from a "fit person" because their body fat percentage will be higher than ideal. Even though you won't see much fat on them if their muscle percentage is low, the body fat percentage rate is, in fact, higher. If you have heard the term "skinny fat," this is the reference. Usually, a thin persons' resting metabolic rate will be low since a high muscle percentage is needed to burn calories at rest. Their body will not be functionally healthy, which will lead to injuries and impediments.

So How Does One Truly Become A Fit Person?

The answer is Resistance Training. Resistance training is a sort of exercise that develops muscular strength and endurance. Resistance training is also known as strength training or weight lifting. During a resistance training workout, you move your limbs against your body weight, gravity, bands, weighted bars, medicine balls, cable machines, sandbags, kettlebells, or dumbbells. Consistent resistance training will increase your muscular strength, endurance, and volume, also known as muscle tone. Best of all, by utilizing heavy loads, you can build your bone and muscle density and, as a result, increase your resistance to injury. As a byproduct of increasing your muscle volume, your body fat percentage will decrease, reducing your disease risk.

If that is not enough for information to convince you that resistance training is the only way to become a fit person, consider my top 9 benefits to resistance training.

Top 9 Benefits to Resistance Training

1. Build Muscle And Increase Strength: Now ladies, I know some faces are already turning when reading this title, but rest assured building muscle does not suggest that you're going to get bulky and look like a man. The result may be similar to your vision. From my experience with training hundreds of women, the majority have identical goals: to tighten, lift, and have more defined arms, legs, tummy, and butt. Most women want at least the two outer lines to show on the abdomen, not a six-pack, and want to shape and lift their butt and legs. Plus, who wouldn't want to say they no longer need help opening jars or carrying things around without getting tired quickly?

2. Lose Body Fat: If your end goal is to lose the bat wings, love handles, cellulite around the legs, and tighten everything up, losing body fat is what you want to do. Resistance training ensures that your muscles grow, and as a result of building that muscle, your body will need more blood and oxygen and calories to maintain it's size. That means it will use the fat you have on your body as fuel, which means goodbye body fat!

3. Build Stronger Bones: As you age, your bones will become weaker because your bone and muscle density decreases. By lifting heavy loads, you will create tiny micro fractures in your bones. Your bones then calcify and heal and hollow, creating a higher bone density, making your bones stronger. A dynamic strength training program will help increase your bone density, your best defense against osteoporosis.

4. Build Stronger Bones: There are plenty of medications that claim to give these benefits, but resistance training is the most beneficial and practical. When performing resistance training exercises, your serotonin levels increase and boost your mood and overall well being. And secondly, who wants pharmaceutical side effects like blood clots, stroke, diarrhea, kidney failure, heart attack, and the whole list of what could go wrong?

5. Sleep Deeper: Sleeping pills are dangerous and can have some severe side effects. Resistance training exercises are all you need to sleep deeper. During exercise, your body heat increases; during post-exercise, your body temperature decreases and promotes sleep. The amounts of adenosine in your body also increases, which increases your drowsiness, which helps with deeper sleep.

6. Relieve Chronic Back Pain: Millions of people worldwide suffer from back pain. By performing resistance training exercises, especially by targetting your core, will develop strength in the muscles that support your spine, which will result in the benefit of alleviating chronic back pain.

7. Increase Insulin Sensitivity: Diabetes is a threat to all. By utilizing resistance training to become a fit person, your body fat will decrease, reducing insulin resistance. In other words, this will make your body more sensitive to insulin, which is beneficial for your health.

8. Improve Good to Bad Cholesterol Ratio: Your blood pressure and heart health are of utmost concern. By utilizing a resistance training routine, this will reduce the force needed to pump blood through your arteries, which lowers your systolic pressure, so why not give yourself the advantage of a resistance training routine?

9. Increase your Metabolic Rate: By performing resistance training exercises, your muscle volume increases. As your muscle volume increases, your muscle tissue burns more calories. Resistance training helps reduce your body fat and will help keep the body fat off, even when you cannot exercise. Pretty neat, right?

A definite resistance training routine will tone your legs, lift your buns, strengthen your core, and melt away inches off your waist, and pounds of fat off your entire body.

If you're ready to begin your body transformation, please review my intro offer's details, the 28-Day Flat Belly Formula Program.

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