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Why I Tell My Clients To Hire Natalie Lara, Massage Therapist.

It is common for my new clients to have physical and mental health problems. My job is to help the best way I can to scratch off their list of issues through fitness and nutrition. From stiff muscles caused by sitting for long periods at a desk to work-related stress, the causes are vast, and the effects are detrimental.

I remedy the majority of my clients' complaints by using a multitude of training exercises at my gym, such as strength training, flexibility, and mobility training to name a few.

I emphasize flexibility training with my clients since building elasticity in their skeletomuscular system is essential to creating mobility and a full range of motion to perform exercises at maximum potential.

My clients often complain about stiff muscles from repetitive motions at work or sleeping in awkward positions for long periods. Those muscles often have knots and are painful, and limit mobility.

These knots can sometimes be managed at my gym with assisted stretch and foam rolling techniques. However, those knots are often very stubborn, and there's only one way to take care of them.

Hire a Massage Therapist.

Especially a massage therapist that is good at giving a deep tissue or trigger point massage to work out stubborn knots. There are many benefits to receiving this type of service.

The most impactful benefits are gaining mobility and reducing pain in problematic areas. In addition, improving circulation and lowering your heart rate and blood pressure are tremendous benefits of getting a massage.

Not only does a massage help improve physical well-being but mental health as well. Some studies suggest that massages can help improve alertness and alleviate stress and anxiety. Massages even help with sleep. It is common to fall asleep during a Swedish massage, one of the best side effects that I look forward to.

If you are in the San Antonio area and looking to hire a massage therapist, I highly recommend Natalie Lara at Essential Massage. She is mobile and will go to you. Need a break from work? Schedule your session with her on your lunch break.

She offers Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, prenatal, and chair massages with complimentary hot towels, hot stones, and aromatherapy. She also provides mini-facials with cleanser, exfoliation, moisturizer, toner, and a face mask with chilled cucumbers.

We can all benefit from pressing the reset button in our lives, and what a great way to maximize your mid-daybreak time.

Click the link below to book Natalie Lara today!

Click Here to book Natalia Lara at Essential Massage.

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