Fortunately, the promotion for my previous challenges has ended because I have a better one.


It's called: The Ultimate Challenge.


I'm looking for 20 people that want to lose forty to fifty pounds. People that have struggled to keep the weight off. 


People that are sick and tired of not fitting in their clothes or feeling comfortable in their skin. 


People that have not seen a healthy weight in over five years. 


People that have fluctuated in weight and never made a permanent change. 


See, all my programs are great at losing body fat and building lean muscle. 


But I discovered a problem with my intro programs that are six weeks or less.


The problem is human behavior. 


In my intro programs that are six weeks or less, people lose ten even fifteen pounds within that time frame. 


But they stop training after the end of the program and put that weight back on.


I mean, why stop there? Come on, people, what about goals? 


It's disappointing because I'm so passionate about helping my clients with their original goal to lose fifty-plus pounds, but most people never accomplish their initial weight loss goal. 


I get it. It's challenging. You have to follow a meal plan and train three to four days a week.


But how bad do you want it? 


Wouldn't it feel fantastic to once and for all get your dream body? 


See, I have a formula that WORKS! 


I have helped thousands of people of all shapes, genders, and ages lose weight with this formula. 


So here's the breakdown of how I get my clients to lose body fat and firm and tone their body PERMANENTLY.  


People tend to complicate things when it comes to weight loss because of misinformation.


The internet is saturated with so many gimmicks to "lose weight fast."  


Diet gimmicks including weight loss supplements, the keto diet, the atkins diet, and the paleo diet. 


And there are tons of workout gimmicks like crossfit, zumba, and hotworkx. 


What it boils down to is this equation. 


Calories In + Calories Out + Time = Permanent Weight Loss 


Let's break it down and talk about each factor. 


First, "Calories In." 


"Calories in" is the total amount of calories you take in for the day from the food that you eat. 


I will customize a meal plan based on your needs with a calorie deficit from your daily recommended intake. 


What that means is that you are going to eat less than what you usually do.


For example, if your daily recommended intake is 1700 calories, and you have a deficit of 200 calories per day, you will only eat 1500 calories for the day. 


The times you eat matter as well. You might be used to eating the classic Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner schedule. 


The problem with that schedule is that since there are four to six hours between meals, your metabolic rate slows down to conserve energy. 


What is a Metabolic Rate?


Metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories for fuel. 


So if your goal is weight loss, increasing your metabolic rate will help you burn calories faster and melt away body fat. 


Unfortunately, with the breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule, your body goes into survival mode and starts to store more fat to use for energy later. 


And the large gap of time between meals encourages overeating because of hunger. 


So the solution is to eat at a higher frequency, typically six low-calorie meals each day. 


So, for example, if you eat 1500 calories per day, you will eat six meals that are 250 calories each. 


This method will speed up your metabolic rate and kick your body into high gear to melt away body fat and build lean muscle. 


Next, "Calories Out." 


"Calories Out" refers to the number of calories that you burn throughout the day. 


Tons of workout fads spanned through generations, from Tae Bo to Insanity. 


It doesn't matter how you peel the potato as long as it gets peeled. 


What matters the most is that you get your body moving to burn calories. 


But How Many Calories?


I conducted a study of my own for two years with four hundred people. 


I gave each of my clients heart monitors that measured heart rate and calorie burn for their training sessions.  


And what I found is that with every person, no matter their age, shape, gender, or size, as long as they maintained an 85% max heart rate for 30 minutes, they burned 300 calories exactly each training session.


I incorporated a dynamic training system with cardiovascular and strength training to create this calorie burn effect. 


See cardiovascular training is vital to help strengthen the heart and increase blood flow throughout the body. 


Strength training is just as essential. Strength training grows the muscle, and when your muscle grows, your body needs to burn more calories to keep the tissue alive, which helps melt away body fat. 


Once you adopt this training method, your body turns into a fat-burning machine. 


So if you follow this formula, train every day for 30 minutes, and maintain an 85% max heart rate, you will burn 2100 calories each week. 


Lastly, "Time." 


Ah, time. Our most precious commodity.


Some people say they don't have time to exercise or follow a meal plan. 


Some say they don't have time to commute thirty minutes to a gym. 


But are they considering that their time on earth is shortened if they maintain that point of view?


Do they understand that every day they put off healthy habits like exercise and clean eating will lead to an early grave? 


Wouldn't you want to stick around for your family?


Wouldn't it be glorious not to feel so tired all the time? 


Wouldn't it be great if you had more energy and strength for what the day brings? 


Wouldn't it feel grand to fit in that pair of jeans in the back of your closet?


It takes an investment in time NOW to give you more time in the long run. 


Invest your time for a commute to the gym. Invest your time to exercise. 

Invest your time in preparing your meals, and you will live a long healthy life and look good while doing it! 


So let's recap with the formula. 


If you follow the "calories in" factor, which is a deficit of 200 calories per day, it will give you a total of 1400 calories that you are not eating for the week. 


And if you follow the "calories out" factor, which is burning 300 calories per day which will give you a total of 2100 calories per week. 


Then together, that totals 3500 calories for the week.


Why Is That Number Significant?


Because 3500 calories = 1 pound of Fat. 


So if your goal is to lose 50 pounds of Fat, how long will it take you to lose 50 pounds?


YES! You guessed it right! 50 weeks. 


Now, most people get discouraged when they hear that it will take them this long. 


Most people believe it only takes a couple of months because they tipped the scale before, but that's usually water and muscle weight and not body fat. 


This formula gives the most realistic time frame to safely lose body fat and build a routine behavior that will provide you with a PERMANENT change. 


And I know it's not going to be easy. 


Because Life Happens, And I Get It. 


You might go on vacation for a week. 


You might not follow the meal plan every single day and keep the 200 calorie deficit. 


You or your family might get sick and need some time off. 


You might go out of town on business. 


You might not make it to every session every week and burn 300 calories a day. 


It will be a challenge to adopt this formula. 


In fact, it is the Ultimate Challenge. 


The Ultimate Challenge is to permanently change your body by adopting the new set of habits prescribed in this formula.


Think about the unhealthy habits you picked up that led you to your weight gain. 


It took some time to develop those unhealthy habits, and it's going to take some time to create new healthy habits. 


So I challenge you to invest in yourself and your physical and mental health by adopting this formula and training with me three times a week for 52 weeks to lose 50 pounds of Fat. 


I encourage you to take action today and accept The Ultimate Challenge to achieve PERMANENT weight loss.  


I know you're ready to get into great shape, and I'm in a unique position to make that happen for you.


So let's do this together. 


Click the sign-up button below, and let's get you on track to shedding 50 pounds of fat Permanently!

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Your Trainer,

Juan Bazan