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How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How - To - Achieve - Your - Fitness - Goals

Do you have a specific fitness goal that you are hoping to achieve? This goal could be a number on the scale or a clothing size. Or maybe you want to wear a particular cut or style of clothes like strappy tank tops, shorts, or a bathing suit.

While having this goal is great, it will NOT guarantee success.

You knew that, though, because this isn’t the first time you’ve had a fitness goal. A goal that you didn’t meet. In fact, you probably know dozens of other people who also have struggled to meet their fitness goals.

Here’s the typical scenario: you get all pumped up to lose weight and get into shape by starting completely gung-ho. Your enthusiasm lasts about two weeks before old habits and routines slide back into place, cutting your results off before reaching your goal. Then your goal begins to fade from your mind, and life goes on.

The problem, my friend, was your initial focus on the result rather than a sustained focus on the process. Let me break this down for you…

Fitness success is not about focusing on your goal. It’s about making the fit lifestyle stick.

Of course, once you’ve kept a fit lifestyle to stick to, you’ll end up meeting that goal!

This may go against everything you’ve come to believe about achieving a goal, but your techniques haven’t worked. The number you’re hoping to be one day magically doesn’t matter, and here’s why…


Can you remember how it felt the last time you ate clean, exercised hard, and got adequate sleep for a few consecutive days? A feeling of momentum came over you, didn’t it? There was a buzzing in your cells and a rhythm in your pace. You felt alive, you felt sexy, and you felt empowered. Never mind that you weren’t yet at your goal number; you were headed there!

Getting down to your goal weight, and fitting into your goal size, is the direct result of living in that state of momentum for an extended period of time. You see, the momentum can be felt immediately once you start eating clean, exercising hard, and taking care of your health. However, that “goal number” can’t be felt until it is achieved, so it’s not as powerful a motivator.

My challenge and advice to you is to find the joy of living in the momentum and keep that momentum going until your goal number is achieved. Then, focus only on the momentum, not on the number.

Fitness is a way of life. Likewise, being lean is a lifestyle. Both of which can be avoided by going about it halfheartedly.

You have to become the momentum.

Call me at 210-367-0250, and we will get your momentum started on the exercise program that will reshape your body once and for all!

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