You Might Have This Disease

Updated: Aug 5

"Excuse-itis!" 😮

Excuse-itis is the disease of one of the biggest enemies of success!

I hear these excuses from so many people during my 9 year career as a personal trainer.

They start with long alibis that always contain the two words...

Don't and Can't

This type of person will say things like:

1. "I don't really have the time to train anymore, my work schedule is crazy and I have my kids."

2. "I have a condition and I don't want to push myself too hard and give myself a heart attack."

3. "I can't make it to my session something came up. "

Their alibis get shorter as time passes because they realize after making statements similar to those I respond with the words, "No Excuses!"

I don't buy into their alibis or lies!🤥

"A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape."

- Proverbs 19:5

They realize they can't get away with making those excuses and get frustrated with being called out so they shorten their alibi or lie with the expectation that I will just accept it.

But I repeat...


If you look at what accomplishments these people have made in their life you'll find...



They lead a life of MEDIOCRITY

"Mediocrity is the worst enemy of prosperity"

- Henry Ford

See I've been reading this book called,

The Magic Of Thinking Big

by Dr. David J. Swartz Ph.D.

He says in the book;

"You'll find that the more a successful person is the less that person makes excuses for anything."

One thing that is instilled in my speech. The responses that I make instinctively in my head and out loud when being tempted to explain a failure or to make an alibi or lie I correct myself immediately and respond with...


It's pointless to try and make one up!

I learned this from being raised in a military family, attending Junior ROTC in high school and from my own experience in the U.S. Army.

See the military encourages a person to own their failure in completing a task and to find a way to complete it.

That's my message for today folks!

I hope that you enjoyed these words of inspiration and beware of this disease called Excuse - itis.

I'm heading back into my gym to get a workout in because I have NO EXCUSE.

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